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Since 1983

Client Testimonial:

Few things are likely to make the process of divorce easy or pleasant, but a collaborative approach allows the client the opportunity to fully participate in the decision-making and outcomes in all aspects -- financial, parenting, and otherwise.  Though it seems counter-intuitive to "collaborate" with the person who is soon-to-be your ex, a commitment to the process empowers the client and offers  control, which isn't the case when the courts get involved.  Working with skilled attorneys and counselors who are trained and experienced in collaborative law creates a calm environment that contributes to an efficient process.  My divorce proceeded quickly and smoothly compared to many I've known who have endured years of emotional and legal struggles as well as enormous financial debt.  I survived the process relatively unscathed and completely satisfied with the outcomes.    JT 4/9/2015

We help resolve most types of Family Law issues, including divorce, child custody, support and pre-nuptial agreements. We handle Decedent's Estates, write Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Deeds and other documents. We also represent clients in serious Personal Injury and Death cases

Mark Criss has been providing legal services in Butler County for more than 35 years. His office is the oldest law firm in continuous existence in Cranberry Township.