​​​Located in Cranberry Township, PA

Since 1983

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Our Clients

In recent years, with the growth of the local business and professional community in southwest Butler County, we have represented numerous business owners, teachers, professors, pilots, physicians, business executives, computer specialists and other professionals in settlements and litigated resolutions to family conflicts.  We also represent many spouses whose primary responsibility has been to raise children and care for the family home. Our client base reflects a typical cross-section of the Southwest Butler County population.

Fees for family law matters are billed on an hourly rate basis. There are no predetermined "flat" fees, because it is impossible to know at the outset, exactly how much time will be consumed in the representation. Contingent fees in most family law cases are considered unethical. 

Our Approach

Divorces are always painful, both for the adults involved and their children. So, as far as possible, we try to help families in transition without adding to the discord they are already experiencing. We do not urge litigation (going to court) as a first resort.  Many cases can be settled amicably if both parties are willing to respect the fact that each party has some rights in each case. However, for those cases in which the parties cannot agree, we are prepared to protect our client's rights aggressively.


We have extensive experience in divorce, child support, alimony, custody and counsel fee litigation, in courts and Domestic Relations offices throughout Western Pennsylvania. We also consult with individuals contemplating marriage, who are considering a prenuptial agreement.

Local Emphasis

In recent years, we have focused our family law practice, with the exception of Collaborative Law cases, almost exclusively in Butler County, unless specifically requested by a trusted and valued colleague to handle a particularly sensitive matter in another county. We do not seek, and normally do not accept, family law cases outside Butler County.

Our Goal

We strive to provide high quality, ethical representation to individuals considering separation or divorce, those already involved in family law litigation, and those entangled in follow-up issues, such as periodic review and modification of child support or custody determinations as the children age.